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FineHeal is a platform which connects Patients and Family with Healthcare providers. The platform allows those who are looking for options of places to undergo prescribed medical procedures. A simple platform, available online on web and mobile. It is free for patients.

Currently, most of the Hospitals and Nursing Homes have to depend on an informal network of referral generators. Corporate hospitals tend to focus on marketing but many of those spends do not give results.

Over a period of time, the concept of family doctors has been replaced with specialists. Many specialists recommend their own hospitals for carrying out procedures and patients do not have really a way to figure out if he is getting a good deal or not.

FineHeal creates a market by aggregating the hospitals and allowing patients to directly interact with the Sales and Marketing teams of the Hospitals to make informed decisions.

1. We enroll hospitals, Nursing Homes and Specialty Care units in our Program as providers.

2. Our providers add a detailed profile of their hospital such as address, facilities, special offerings, standard packages, medical certifications, Medical and non-medical staff details, etc.

3. Patients contact us either thru our web site, social media, mobile app and contact center with their requirements. They upload the case documents and shortlisted providers on the platform.

4. We pass on the details to the hospitals and take the offer for the patient along with the terms and conditions. Once the patient makes the decision, same is informed to you.


Fineheal will generate leads for you not just from the city you are based in but from nearby cities/districts/villages, we also focus on medical tourism to get international clients.

Initially there is no joining fee, we will charge a x percent commission on all bookings generated by us.

No, we do not promote direct access to our subscribers, but you can post packages in our packages section.

The patients are solely responsible for the payments. Fine heal has no liability to the bills.

Having a tie up with Insurance company does not give you assurance of business. Patients use FH to actively check out the profile and offerings of the hospitals. Your presence on FH gives you access to patients with and without insurance.

Providing a detailed profile and responding to queries within 24 hours is essential to receive referrals from us.

No, we educate the patients and help them understand the fees structure. This creates a positive image of your hospital in the mind of patients and family before even they step inside your premises.